Chronology of pastors of the parish Minimize




Fr. Martin Henni


Fr. William Unterthiner, OFM


Fr. Otto Jair, OFM


Fr. Edmund Eschmann, OFM 


Fr. Sigismund Koch, OFM


Fr. Englebert Stehle


Fr. Nicholas Wachter, OFM


Fr. William Sommer


Fr. Bernard Bruening


Gerhard Kuhr


Fr. Henry Thein


Fr. Florian Karge, OFM


Fr. Gerhard Schumaher


Fr. H. Johanning


Fr. Francis X. Messmer


Fr. Richard Broering


Fr. Francis X. Messmer


Fr. Joseph F. Sund


Fr. Cletus Kunz


Fr. Wilfred Dirr


Fr. Francis Fritz


Fr. Lawrence R. Strittmatter


Fr. Patrick P. Duffy

1998 -2000

Fr. William K. Krumpe


Fr. George Schmitz - Temporary Administrator


Fr. Thomas E. Meyer


Fr. James Reutter

Meaning to the parish title Minimize
As the parish was originally German-speaking, the title of the parish was first Maria Zum Siege (literally: Mary of Victory). You can still see the old cornerstone of the first permanent church building (1853), in the ground near the south door to the church, adjacent to the bell tower.
That name was later anglicized to Our Lady of Victory (sometimes you will see this as Our Lady of Victories).
What is the significance of the title? Our Lady of Victory was the title given to the Blessed Mother in honor of an important historic event, where Europe was threatened by a Turkish invasion. In 1571, the Battle of Lepanto was fought and became a decisive turning point in protecting the Christian faith. When the then-reigning pope, St. Pius V,  realized the great danger the Church was in, he called upon all of the Marian groups of Rome to rally the faithful to pray fervently through the intercession of Our Lady to protect Europe from this grave threat. They all turned to her in the prayer of the Rosary, and were saved.
In honor of her intercession, Pius named that day a feast day, Our Lady of Victory. This name was later changed to Our Lady of the Rosary, so both titles refer to the same event.
More information about the Battle of Lepanto and the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary / Our Lady of Victory  (from the Catholic Encyclopedia).

OUR LADY OF VICTORY was established in 1842 as St. Stephen, the 3rd Catholic Church in Hamilton County. The original church, of log construction, was located on Rapid Run Road, approximately 1/4 mile west of Neeb Road.

Ten Children attended the first school in 1842. Enrollment “swelled” to fourteen in 1844 and the first teacher contract was signed.
The Franciscan Fathers began serving the parish in 1844 and continued until 1875.
In 1852 the church was moved (literally, since the same logs were used) to three acres of donated land on Neeb Road.
In 1853, a new church of brink construction was built and dedicated to Our Lady of Victories (later changed to Victory). The first permanent pastor was appointed in 1854.
The old log church was used as the school until 1898 when a brick school until 1898 when a brick school building was erected. That building still stands as the back half of the present “old school”.
In 1909, another new church was built and served the parish community until 1963. It was razed in 1977.
In 1917 a Sisters’ residence was completed for the sisters of St. Francis of Oldenburg, who had been teaching and living in the school since 1899.
In 1930, the front half of the “old school” building was completed.
In 1960, the new school was completed. The east wing addition was completed in 1963 and the upper level served as the temporary church until the present church was completed in 1980.
In 1962, a new convent was built and served in that capacity until 1989.
In 1976, the gymnasium was built. It was renovated and expanded to double the capacity in 1989.
In 1977, the church began demolition process to prepare for present building. Fr. Gruber oversaw the project.
The library was completed in 1990.
In 1992, the gym was renovated to double its capacity. Members of the Athletic Association along with many other volunteers kept the cost of this project to a minimum due to endless hours of work.
The old school building was renovated with classrooms, library, science lab, and meeting rooms in 1993.
In 1996, the old convent was remodeled and became the new Pastoral Center.
The new rectory was purchased in 2000.
In 2001, the old rectory was demolished. Fr. Tom Meyer was assigned as our new pastor. The new school was renovated including the computer lab.
The convocation center was dedicated in 2002.
In 2005, Our Lady of Victory begins the Why Catholic? Program.
In October 2005, we honor the Blessed Mother by celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Victory.



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